We are opening our private gates December 2018!The Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve family is excited to welcome the public into our world! Experience the grace, agility, and beauty of our thirteen California and South American Sea Lions firsthand through personal interactions created to raise awareness and promote the conservation of marine mammals in the wild!


The word pinniped translates to fin-footed meaning these animals use their flippers to swim and walk on land. The pinniped family consists of seal, sea lions, and walruses. Seals and sea lions are often confused with each other for several reasons. The main attribute that sets walruses apart are their large tusks protruding from their jaw. Click here to learn more!


From man-made issues such as pollution to natural ecologic disasters like algae blooms, our oceans are in danger. Billions of pounds of trash enter our waterways every year from single-use plastics and lack of recycling in our communities. Not only does it hurt our oceans, but the creatures that inhabit them are in danger as well. Click the link below to learn how you can make a difference!


Our mission is to provide a loving forever home within our home for sea lions who can no longer care for themselves. A place where we can build incredible relationships to provide the most enriching lives while sharing our passion with our visitors through outreach, education, and therapeutic programming. Ultimately, in hopes to spark an interest in marine mammal conservation for our family’s wild counterparts.

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