In order to sustain these animals’ hearty diet and provide them with excellent heath care, Squalus Inc. offers an educational outreach program. This program allows us to bring these beautiful animals to communities that wouldn’t normally have this opportunity and raises awareness on several different environmental issues. The presentation is based around teaching families the importance of recycling and current conservation efforts in a fun and interactive setting. Our animals vastly impress their audience with their intelligence, personalities, and agility. Shedding light on major issues, the staff discusses important topics such as, The Red Tide, the danger of plastic straws, and much more with the help of his family of sea lions. Check out our conservation page to check out the different ways your community can help make a change!

By including our rescued sea lions in the educational presentation, we are opening people’s eyes to the animals who are directly affected by these issues. All of our animals come with unique stories and many of them come from environmental issues that we can help improve by making changes in their daily lives. There are informational boards posted all over the presentation for the public to read at any time. These boards explain some of the human-caused dangers these animals endure in the wild while also showing the personal story of Stella, a female South American sea lion, who was found starving on the beach at only 90lbs. She now sits comfortably at 280lbs. The passionate care these animals receive from their trainers daily can be seen even when the public visits in between presentations. Traveling to new areas provides our animals with a variety of enrichment including, new sounds, smells, and people.


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