Meet our Flippered Family!

California Girls

California Boys

South American Females

South American Males


My name is Bruce and I am a 16 year old male South America sea lion born under human care on December 13, 2002, making me the oldest male at Squalus Inc. People often refer to me as the King of Squalus Inc because I weigh 800lbs making me the largest sea lion. I am known for my calm, friendly demeanor. My trainers frequently say I spend most of my time training them, outsmarting them at every turn. My lovable personality has made me an excellent ambassador for my species, allowing my trainers to educate thousands of students every year on the importance of ocean conservation. I love hauling out onto my rocks to sunbathe, meeting new people, and foraging for fish in ice blocks on hot summer days.


Hey, my name is Hans and I am a eight year old male South American sea lion born on September 22, 2010 in Myakka City, FL. I am Bruce’s son and definitely inherited his sweet demeanor. My trainers say I am always the favorite of all guests that meet me, distinguishable by my large, inquisitive eyes. I am a quick learner and love exciting, fast-paced training sessions. My favorite toys are large mats that I pull into the pool to float on, balls that I can push around with my nose, and hoses. I especially love stealing hoses from my trainers to spray water all around my enclosure. I can usually be found cuddling with my dad, Bruce, at night, and laying in the sun during the day.


Hey, my name is Grommet and I am a six year old beach stranded male California sea lion born approximately June 1, 2012 in San Diego. Sadly, I was part of the Unusual Mortality Event that caused the stranding of 1,300 emaciated and underweight sea lions along the coast of California in 2013. I am loving my new home, amusing my trainers with my energetic, mischievous personality. I loves participating in my training sessions and stay one step ahead of my trainers at all times. I am very energetic and extremely intelligent, surprising all of my trainers daily with my ability to learn new behaviors at record speed. I educate all visitors on the importance of recycling and conservation which has made me one of Squalus Inc.’s best animal ambassadors for my species. I enjoy playing with JJ and Hans, sunbathing, and learning new behaviors.


Hello, my name is JJ and I am a six year old male California sea lion that stranded March 23, 2013 due to the Unusual Mortality Event- just like my best friend, Grommet. I was rescued, rehabilitated, and released by Sea World San Diego. Because of my inability to hunt for fish and affinity towards people I was deemed non-releasable by the National Marine Fisheries and placed under human care. I am absolutely thriving now and am constantly impressing my trainers by how quickly I learn new behaviors and my calm, sweet demeanor. I have become an excellent ambassador for my species by allowing them to teach guests the importance of never feeding wildlife. I am usually swimming around and splashing the other sea lions and love to bark at my best friend, Grommet, until he plays with me. It drives my trainers nuts but I want them to play with me too!


Hi, my name is Poonki and I’ve been with Squalus Inc. for five years since I was stranded at only a few weeks old. My best friend Lilly- who is also a California sea lion- and I love to play all day in the pool. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, the big girls, Stella and Kitty, will let me nap with them! Playing in the water and with hoses are some of my favorite hobbies. My trainers say I am very good at playing frisbees- I can throw them farther than anyone else! I am a quick learner and love attention from my favorite trainers everyday. My front flippers are so strong that I can shoot my body ten feet out of the water. I love telling my trainers about my day.


Hey, my name is Lilly and I have been with Squalus Inc. for five years now. I was stranded at only a few weeks old after my mother was nowhere in sight. I am a huge cuddle bug and love laying in my trainers laps for some afternoon nap sessions. Sometimes I fall so hard asleep on them that I end up snoring and drooling! Poonki, another California sea lion, was stranded at the same time as me and we are two peas in a pod. We’re so close that our trainers call us sisters because we almost look like twins. The other sea lions can tell me apart from Poonki because I’m missing half the whiskers on one of side of my nose. When I’m bored, I love to push things around with my nose or play with bugs. Grasshoppers are fun because they can jump so high!


Hello, my name is Avocado but everyone calls me Ava. As a three year old California sea lion, I was the victim of two shark attacks, which resulted in the large scar down my left side, until I found my new permanent home with Squalus Inc. I have made very good friends with Poonki and Lilly who let me cuddle with them during midday naps. I am very playful and love all my new toys- especially my baby water tub that is alllll mine. Anything and everything I can chew on is my favorite! I have a cute, sassy side and love learning new things everyday with my trainers.


Hi, I am Stella and I am the queen of Squalus Inc. I was stranded when I was only three years old and have been at this sanctuary for fifteen years now. I am sassy and can be super stubborn at times. I have to always make sure the trainers know what I have planned for each day. I have an eight year old son named Hans who’s very handsome and talented. Kitty is my partner in crime and we go everywhere together. Every morning after breakfast, we sun-bathe the day away on our favorite sleeping mats. I am chunky but funky and no one will change that. I live for belly rubs and Michael Jackson moonwalks.

Maximus Aurelius

Howdy, my name is Maximus Aurelius, or Max for short. I am new here at Squalus Inc.! I came from a different facility, but I’m really excited to continue my life here because my trainers are making sure each day is different and filled with activities for me! I have become super comfortable with my new trainers quickly. I spend most of my time hanging out with my friend, Titus. We swim and nap together everyday. I have two other friends Brutus and Nero who nap with Titus and me sometimes. I am enjoying learning new behaviors everyday and exploring new parts of the compound.


Hello, my name is Kitty and I was rescued when I was only three years old. I met another South American sea lion named Stella at Squalus Inc. and we have been best friends ever since. Now that I am sixteen years old, I love to sun-bathe during the day then snuggle up with Stella at night for a long comfy rest. My favorite thing is when my trainers come play in the water with me. They tell me I have the most beautiful smile of all the sea lions but shhh, don’t tell the others. I am also notorious for my “yes” behavior, you can ask me anything at any point in the day and I will always be there with an encouraging YES!


Nero is the name. I’m one of the newest members of the Squalus family, but I already run this show. I spend my days napping in the sun with my friends Max and Titus. We all came to Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve together from another facility so we could continue to learn and grow. My favorite time of the day is when all my friends nap and I get the whole pool to myself! My trainers always comment on my calm demeanor but I just like to go with the flow. I’m slowly stealing the hearts of all the trainers here. I am loving learning more and more everyday and I’m catching onto how things work here quickly.


Hey everybody! My name is Samara and I am a three year old California female. I came to Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve with my friend Maya from a different facility. We get into all kinds of mischief! I love playing with new toys and jello. I became comfortable with my trainers very quickly and started building great relationships with them! Training sessions are my favorite part of the day because I get to do new things with my trainers.


My name is Titus and I am a three year old california male who came to Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve with Nero and Maximus. I have been enjoying my time here exploring new parts of the Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve. We all arrived here recently from a different facility. I’m quite goofy and I really love playing with the toys I find in the pool. My favorite toy is the water hose and sometimes my trainers come and turn it on so I can chase it around. I enjoy napping and training sessions and sliding across my enclosure on my stomach.