Eliminate Waste!

Every day in the US, Americans use 500 MILLION plastic, single-use straws! These straws end up in our oceans and on our beaches. Join us in our fight to eliminate single-use plastics and to protect our environment! To make a difference, visit: Simply Straws.

Help Keep Our Beaches Clean

Beach pollution is one of the most concerning issues in modern day society. It negatively impacts marine life as well as human health. Over 7 billion tons of pollution end up on our beaches annually. While the US Government dedicates time and man power to keeping our oceans clean, it is critical that we do our part to help. Click the photos and links to learn more and to find scheduled beach clean-ups!

International Coastal Clean Up

Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve supports Sustainable Seafood Production

As the human population increases so does the demand and consumption of seafood. The oceans are being over-fished faster than marine life can reproduce. Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve prides itself on feeding our animals with locally and sustainably fished seafood. You can help reduce overfishing by consuming farmed and sustainably caught seafood. To find out if what you’re eating is safe for ocean life, check out Seafood Watch! or download the app on your mobile device.

Support Local Efforts

Many people are unaware that zoos and aquariums are two of the largest contributors to wildlife conservation. There are hundreds of conservation projects going on behind the scenes at almost any given facility. From taking in animals that are unable to care for themselves, bringing species back from the brink of extinction through Species Survival Plans, or through countless hours of research, zoos and aquariums are constantly working to save our environment. Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve is proud to be a part of these efforts by providing a lifelong home for injured or abandoned sea lions. You can help make a difference by volunteering your time at an animal facility or making a monetary contribution to help with research projects.

Save the Turtles

There are seven species of sea turtles in our oceans today and all of them are in trouble. Almost all the main threats to these animals are caused by humans. Imprecise fishing methods, beach development for housing and tourism, poaching for food, and pollution are just a few issues these animals are facing. Unfortunately, the mortality rate far outweighs the successful reproduction and maturity rate and the sea turtle population is rapidly declining. Click the photos to discover ways that you can assist in protecting sea turtles!

Learn More about Saving Turtles Here!


One of the easiest ways that you can help save the environment right from your very own home is to recycle! Getting a recycling bin is simple. Call your local utilities board and request a recycling bin! The city will pick up your bin the same way they collect your garbage cans. If your town doesn’t have a garbage collection program, your local trash deposit station will have a special bin for recyclables. Click here to locate a recycling program near you!

Sarasota Conservation Efforts

Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve cares about more than just sea lions! We encourage all members of our community to go out and make a difference in any way possible. Click the links below to see how you can help out local efforts to save species and keep our area beautiful!

Sarasota Bay Estuary Project: Volunteer Here!

Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast: Volunteer Here!

Save the Manatees: Learn more here!

Sarasota County: Keep Sarasota County Beautiful

The Lemur Conservation Foundation: Learn more here!