This is Our Passion.

Squalus Inc. originated twenty-six years ago as a shark exhibit. In 1998, we first began housing rescued sea lions who could no longer care for themselves in the wild. Beach stranded Californian and South American sea lions were brought to us for a variety of reasons such as shark attacks, unable to provide food for themselves, an assortment of injuries, and even old age. After twenty years of caring for these beautiful creatures, Squalus Inc. is now a permanent home to twelve of our flippered friends.


Squalus Inc. began providing a safe haven for sick or injured sea lions in 1997. It was then that Squalus Inc. began construction on a state-of-the-art sea lion preserve. Marco Peters began to rescue sea lions, and his love and dedication for these charismatic creatures grew into a deep passion for education and conservation of not only the animals under his care, but for all marine mammals. This passion led Squalus Inc. to create an outreach program called Sea Lion Splash where we have been privileged to educate and inspire thousands of people all over the US to care about our world’s oceans and the creatures that inhabit them. As the Squalus family grew, Mr. Peters eagerly made the decision to open his home to the public and Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve was born. Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve exceeds all USDA standards for sea lion care and housing. Our facility is closely monitored and regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association ensuring the care of our animals exceeds all expectations. Our vision is to provide the public with an understanding of the love, dedication, and time required to provide the best, most enriching lives for the sea lions at Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve.